Animal Tracking


Tracks may take us back to the Earth's beginnings or give us a complete autobiography

of a living animal from day to day.


                                                                                                         --Ellsworth Jaeger

Animal Tracking Day Hike

The ground is alive where wild things write their lives, over and over, providing those who track a glimpse of their secret goings on.  The ground and surrounding brush are like novels from which we can decipher their stories, and by tracking we read a chapter from a wild beingís life. Tracking provides a clearer picture of wildlife activity than any other form of observation.


The tracker must draw on a vast knowledge of animal behaviors, routines, living and eating habits, terrain, and causal relationships suggested by signs and clues to figure out what the animal was doing and, therefore, where it was going.


By learning tracking, our resources become enhanced. Tracking teaches patience and concentration, and teaches us the use of all senses, including the sixth sense, intuition.  Tracking can be used to increase our ability to survive in the wilderness or help us obtain a greater awareness of the world we live in.


Letís take a day hike and explore the lives of wild beings through their tracks and signs.


   Topics covered include:  

   ● Track and sign identification

   ● Animal gait and movement patterns

   Behavioral Interpretation

   ● Track casting


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